Exmoor National Park Landscape Character Assessment Update

With Countryscape, Alison Farmer Associates and Douglas Mitcham (2017)

Since the previous Exmoor Landscape Character Assessment was written in 2007, a great deal of new research has been undertaken on Exmoor, new concepts such as ecosystem services and natural capital have become mainstream, and the emphasis and presentation of landscape character assessments has developed. This major piece of work is an opportunity to integrate new information on archaeology, landscape history and moorland management, and to identify the natural capital and ecosystem services associated with various landscape types. The presentation has been updated to provide greater emphasis on perceptual and cultural qualities of the landscape, as well as its physical characteristics. This has involved extensive photography by Fiona, as well as sourcing a wide variety of images of Exmoor by past and contemporary artists. Importantly, the project provides an opportunity to look ahead and develop new visions and management strategies for the various landscape types, which will in turn protect and enhance Exmoor’s landscapes in the future. The document contains a new section on Planning Guidelines, and has been adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.