Moorland Cross

North York Moors National Park Landscape Character Assessment Update

For North York Moors National Park Authority, 2021

The North York Moors National Park contains an outstanding diversity of landscapes and seascapes. Its expansive heather moorland, spectacular coastline, intimate dales, picturesque settlements, rich woodlands, varied farmlands and magnificent views are very highly valued by residents and visitors.

We undertook a comprehensive review of the 2003 Landscape Character Assessment to bring it up to date and able to address today’s challenges. This included an emphasis on measures to pro-actively address the ongoing climate and biodiversity crises whilst enhancing landscape character. We incorporated current best-practice relating to Seascape Character Assessment, and identified new landscape Types and Areas along the coast. We integrated new concepts such as natural capital and ecosystem services into the Landscape Character Assessment, along with new information on remoteness, tranquillity and dark skies. The updated Landscape Character Assessment now provides comprehensive information on the natural, cultural and perceptual qualities of landscape within the National Park, and on the vital role played by its landscape and seascape setting.